Add Beautiful Decorations to Your Stairs

Select decorative stair panels from our company in Houston, TX

Would you like to add decorative accents to the stairs on your residential or commercial property? You can buy decorative stair panels from Low Cost Stair Parts and hire our team with years of experience to install the stair panel products in Houston, TX.

We offer black metal panels that will enhance your:

  • Staircase
  • Balcony
  • Patio

They have a variety of designs, ranging from simple to complex. To choose your decorative stair panel design, consult our professionals right away.

Our Work

We take stairs to new levels by installing beautiful stair panel products like our swirling Tuscany panels, four-pointed star Seville panels and ornate Regency panels. You can choose traditional, contemporary or modern panels. Contact us today to pick out panels for your stairs, balcony or patio. You can call 281-919-2096 or email us.